Step 1. Choose Fabric from Budget, Designer or Luxury Ranges

Step 2. Choose Ottoman, Cushions, or Headboard

Step 3. Contact for Quote


We supply made-to-order ottomans, cushions and upholstered wall-mounted headboards. At Ottomans By Design our interior designer has created a curated selection of quality fabrics and unique colour schemes. Perfect for putting your feet up, ottomans create visual space, perfect as extra seating, while adding character to your home.  All fabrics are available to purchase by the metre. Can't find what you're looking for? Maybe you've found a fabric elsewhere, just let us know the brand, style, and colour. 

Simply select the style and fabric for your ottoman or cushions, or headboard that you require.  Ottomans typically come with standard black plastic glides. Send us your enquiry via our Contact page for a quote and estimated time of delivery. Orders take 3 - 4 weeks. If the fabric is imported, orders take 4 - 6 weeks. All our ottomans, headboards and cushions are made in Australia. Simply place your order and we will notify you when your order is ready. We can recommend carriers for you to arrange your own delivery. Ottomans have a 5-year structural warranty and a 12-month warranty on the fabric.  Cushions have a 12-month warranty. We use only quality construction material and quality fabrics that are suitable for domestic or commercial usage. Our Ottomans are indoor only, being placed outside will void your warranty. Fabric supplied by the customer will void the 12-month warranty on fabric. A quote is valid for 21 days.


Cushions are used to add colour, texture, and pattern, and to create a scheme that is a true reflection of your personal style. The cushions come in two sizes, 400 X 650 cm Rectangle and 500 X 500 cm Square, with matching zip and feature fabric on both sides. The cushions contain duck feathers. The feel is firm yet comfortable. Cushions have a minimum of two. Let us know if you would like the cushions self-piped as they typically come without piping. Consider us for your next commercial project and our designer will create a style to complement your design. They will add the finishing touches that will really make your design complete.



Upholstered headboards are a simple way to add a touch of luxury to your bedroom. Our Standard Headboard is thick and plush offering the ultimate comfort when sitting up in bed. When you are ordering your headboard, make sure you clear power outlets and windows. Our headboards are wall mounted with a French Cleat. The Queen Size Headboard 180cm x 70cm x 7 cm weighs 21kg.  


Locate the studs on the wall behind the space where the headboard will rest. Place the headboard on the bed to

get the height and to centre the headboard, put a light pencil mark indicating the position. Unscrew the timber

cleat from the back of the headboard and position it on the wall, adjusting the height and making sure at least two long wood screws are in the upright studs, attach to the wall. Lift the headboard up onto the cleat and drop it into place,

raising slightly to the centre on the wall. The headboard is now firm and is independent of the bed. 




Table linens are essential for setting the right tone for your event and they can really transform a space. The tablecloth is the foundation of the table: make it bold. Beautiful table linens, interesting glasses, plates, cutlery, and a centrepiece to suit will enhance the occasion. Let us know the dimensions of your table and your fabric choice (cotton and linens are

best ) and we will send you a quote. These tablecloths are best dry cleaned, a safe and affordable option for maintaining colourfastness. Consider avoiding regular washing and protect your tablecloth with a clear plastic cover as an option, especially for casual BBQs and gatherings. Available on request. 

Care Instructions: Gentle machine or hand wash in cold water. Do not tumble dry, soak or bleach. Iron inside out at medium setting if necessary. Keep out of direct sunlight to avoid excessive fading. Cotton or a cotton blend are best suited for tablecloths and serviettes. 



Please be aware that the appearance of these samples will vary from computer to computer due to different monitors and many other types of display variables. Please get in touch with us if you would like to see samples. Please note that there is a maximum of 3 cuttings per request. Please wait till you receive your order before requesting again. All fabrics are subject to availability.


Enquire about our new range of fabrics that allows you to remove stains with simply soap and water. Fabrics that are classified as Outdoor, are excellent for cushions where the cover can be removed, but when the fabric is attached to an ottoman it will need to be professionally cleaned to avoid watermarks and damage. These fabrics are colourfast and water-resistant but you can only lightly spot clean if necessary and not saturate the surface on the ottoman. 

Fabric protection is a spray that goes onto the fabric surface which inhibits the stain from absorbing deep into the fibres. Scotchgard can be purchased, simply spray a small hidden area and check that the fabric is unaffected. Then spray the entire surface in a well-ventilated area. Surface stains are then easier to remove.  Professional cleaning is recommended. Professionals inspect your upholstery and then apply the appropriate method for cleaning. The cut pile of velvet and some outdoor fabrics are not suitable for fabric protection spray. 


Product orders will be placed as soon as payments are cleared in full. Once the fabric has been ordered and cut, it can not be returned.  Customized orders cannot be returned due to their uniqueness therefore no returns will be accepted or credited. We pride ourselves on producing finished works with the highest standards of quality. 


We guarantee our ottomans for 5 years to be free from manufacturing defaults. Cushions are guaranteed for 1 year from the date you receive your goods.

This warranty does not cover -

Misuse of the product or damage due to varying circumstances

Everyday wear and tear

Excessive weight

Outside placement including outdoor verandahs 

Inappropriate use of any cleaning products or inappropriate cleaning methods.

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, scratches, or burns

Stains need to be treated within 1/2  hour 

We recommend the ottomans and cushions be professionally cleaned as many of the fabrics used are

Dry Clean Only. 


In just about every case, it is best to get a professional to treat stains to minimize undesirable consequences. But for those clients who insist on tackling the job themselves, here are some general guidelines to follow:

  • Vacuum or brush away loose dirt before it becomes embedded in the fabric.

  • Clean up spills and stains right away, you have about 1/2 hour to act. The longer the soil and stains stay on the fabric, the harder they are to remove.

  • Quickly blot up stains or spills with an absorbent cloth, facial tissue, or sponge. Be careful not to rub the stain deeper into the fabric. If the spill is solid or semi-solid (like butter or ketchup), remove the excess by gently lifting it with a dull knife.

  • Often, gentle blotting will remove all traces, but if the stain cannot be removed completely by blotting, use the appropriate spot cleaning technique.



Our spot cleaning advice is offered in good faith and should not be considered a guarantee that all stains may be removed. For severe stains please consult a professional upholstery cleaning company.






If you are interested in moving forward with a purchase, you can reach out to me directly. Send your inquiry to us via our Contact page. Let us assist you with product information and pricing. Once you have decided to purchase, we will forward an invoice to you. Once the funds (fabrics are paid for immediately and a deposit is required to secure your place in line) are received via Direct Deposit, the ottoman and the fabric will be ordered. 


All transport and deliveries are by the customer only and we will not be held responsible for the process. We will carefully wrap your ottoman or headboard with heavy-grade plastic. We may on occasions remove the legs and pack separately for safety ready to transport. We will then contact you. We have found it best for customers to make the booking with our preferred carriers to avoid incorrect information or misunderstanding for delivery due to third-party involvement. We will supply the dimensions, weight, and pickup details, then you can book your carrier, decide how quickly you require your goods delivered, which day and track your order. 

We typically use Just Logistics based in Darra, Queensland. Contact Cody on 0401618287 for an estimated quote. They service Brisbane, Sunshine Coast down to Ballina. Just Logistics will notify you the day before and give you a two-hour window for delivery. You will converse with them directly to make suitable arrangements if the delivery time does not suit you. You may have your preferred carrier, whom you may book which operates in your area as the responsibility of transport is in your hands. If you live beyond this region, we recommend TLC Always Moving.  The contact number is 0413105625. They can deliver to other states. 

​If you are ordering cushions only, such lightweight items can be shipped via Australia Post. We will arrange the delivery. Delivery costs via Australian Post for cushions go by weight and postcode. Let us know your postcode for a quote. Our standard shipping arrangement will require a signature upon delivery; however, you can let us know if you would like us to leave the order at your door. If you are not at home at the time of delivery and you have not given the authority to leave the package, a notice with alternative arrangements will be left at your residence (usually your parcel will be stored at your local post office for pick up).